White Paper by WizIQ: Unlocking Mobile Learning's True Potential

20/03/2016 08:53
  Learner convenience is critical to success of your online education or training program. Your learners want to access knowledge at their desired time, location and most likely, on their personal devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.  
  So, you need a mobile-first strategy to increase learners’ convenience and motivate them to learn. The question is - how to unlock the true potential of mobile learning?   
  Deep insights into m-learning can help. Download this whitepaper to understand:
  • How m-learning is impacting education
  • The evidences validating the effectiveness of mobile learning
  • How to build and leverage a mobile-first learning strategy
  • Features and benefits to consider when implementing a mobile learning platform

                Unlocking Mobile Learning’s True Potential.pdf (1270313)
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