How to Overcome 3 Challenges in Moving Your Distance Education Online - White Paper by WizIQ

06/05/2016 20:27


3 Challenges in Moving Your Distance Education Online & How to Solve Them

Colleges and universities are constantly under pressure due to rising costs, mounting student debt and increasing doubts about the true value of higher education.

While a vast majority of institutions are convinced that online education is critical to their long term strategy, the answer is not simply to roll out online courses. It will require a much deeper understanding of the challenges and their possible solutions. This deeply researched 28-page whitepaper covers:

- The top 3 challenges higher education institutions encounter while attempting to move their Distance Learning programs online.
- Multi-dimensional insights and recommended solutions for each of the top three challenges namely:

1. Bringing down operational costs of learning delivery

2. Achieving optimal level of learner engagement and outcomes 

3. Evaluating & selecting the right technology for world class  e-learning delivery



Download this white paper to know more about each of these categories, and how well they meet the challenges of moving online.


3 Challenges Higher Distance Learning_Whitepaper.pdf (2701461)